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done by Myra Brodsky at the Decay Parlour in Berlin, Germany. 

done by David Jimenez at Evolution Tattoo in Reno, NV.

my first tattoo. this is jiji, i decided on him partly because i love the film but mostly just because i really like cats. i’ve always known that i wanted tattoos despite growing up in a very anti-tattoo environment. dad doesn’t love it but mum drove me to the appointment.done by Sean at Coat of Arms Tattoo, Coffs Harbour. 

These are numbers 11 and 12 for me, and by far my favorites. I’m getting exciting waiting around to color them in!
“You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground. I’ll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds.”
Done by Ryan Bray at Ivory Tower Tattoo in Statesboro, GA.

My beautiful chest piece courtesy of Jesse James at Lucky Devil in Barrie, ON.
I got this tattoo to represent all the struggles I have gotten through in my life. Come what may because I can take it. The sparrows represent freedom and a new start. I love my new ink so much! <3


This is a handheld gamecube.

is this real life
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I’m thinking of deleting most of my posts/reblogs and starting again. What do you all reckon?!
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Done by Jimmy at Lucky 13 in Kutztown, PA  This tattoo represents my love of microbes and the research that I do with them, I got it done over my heart because I have a special addition I’ll be adding at a later time.